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    As soon as the goods will be sent to your hands, we will give priority to the Amazon logistics (FBA) distribution, we are provided with warehouses in Losangeles and Chicago, they speak with FedEx, USPS distribution.

    I am very sorry: because of the transportation limit, we can only deliver the goods to the local customers of the United States. We can not deliver the overseas customers. Please understand, thank you.

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We support paypal and credit card payment, of course, you can go directly to Amazon's official website to buy. We thank you very much

What makes our products extraordinary over the others?

Our products provide easy installation and don’t require any tools; you will unroll, peel and stick. It is also adjustable to meet your particular needs. It comes with stain-proof materials for erasing cleanly each time. With its smooth surface, it is very easy to write on.

Our whiteboard products are 100% satisfaction-guaranteed. If a specific product does not satisfy you, we will make it right. Thus, we only want the best for you. We don’t want to disappoint you because that is also a disappointment on our part.

It features a cut-to-fit surface that enables you to customize your environment. You can even create a horizontal collaborative space on the desks and tables. Our products can cover a full wall to inspire collaboration.

Zhidian products are made with the highest level of quality. With this, you can have the assurance that your money and effort will not be wasted. Our whiteboard products are available for very affordable and practical costs. Thus, we understand that you deserve to have quality products even without spending more of your money.

Our Team

Aside from the high-class products that we offer in the market, we also have a competent and friendly team. Our team is always eager to serve you with the best customer support that you are expecting to receive.

Whenever you have concerns and inquiries about our products and services, you can contact us at our phone number: +1 8665916999. We are always happy to serve you with your needs. Thus, the satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority. Our team can work with high level of professionalism and dedication. Zhidian team values the good name of our company. That is why we work with integrity, passion, and professionalism to maintain our good reputation with our thousands of customers.

Our team ensures that the products that you availed from us are always in good condition. We want you to have the best whiteboards that can meet your writing needs. With us, you don’t have to worry because all of our products are made with excellence.

If you want to have a more innovative whiteboard, then choosing Zhidian is the best decision. We will never fail you since our products are crafted with amazing features by the professional manufacturers. Experience the benefits of our awesome products! Choose Zhidian Office now to satisfy your needs!


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    United States official website of Shanghai ZHIDIAN Stationery Co., Ltd.
    ZHIDAIN is a professional manufacturer of high quality white board, producing thousands of board products every month, from magnetic white board, melamine whiteboard, blackboard, fabric board, soft wood board and Easel-Type dry wiping board, etc.. Each product has been tested rigorously for durability. Each piece is made of a unique tough material to reduce the risk of damage during transportation. Zhejiang continues to bring the best writing experience to customers around the world.

    Whiteboard is an essential tool in your office and other establishments. It is commonly used during meetings and other important events in an organization. Many companies are competing in the market, so you must choose the one that suits your needs.

    Well, Zhidian Office can help you with this matter. With our golden years in the industry, we have the best techniques to satisfy our thousands of customers continuously. As the leading whiteboard company, we ensure that you can have the best quality of products that you expect.

    Why  US?

    Zhidian Office is a trusted and professional manufacturer of excellent quality whiteboard products. We produce thousands of whiteboard products each month to serve you with your needs. We make sure that our products are made with high-class quality to provide our customers with the best writing experience. To further persuade you to choose us, the following are some of our top products:

    Our products

    · Magnetic whiteboard

    · Softwood board

    · Melamine whiteboard

    · Fabric board

    · Blackboard

    · Easel-type dry wiping board and more

    We have a variety of products that you can choose for your specific needs. We understand that quality is the main concern of our customers. With this, we are doing our best to produce only the best whiteboard products that can satisfy your needs. Some of our featured products are the following:

    · Zhidian Magnetic Dry Erase Board Easel, Bulletin Board, Silver Frame Slide Rail Height Adjustment Aluminum Alloy

    · Zhidian office Quartet 36x24 Whiteboard Board Set Large Dry Erase Boards Double Sided For Wall Cubicle Kitchen Classroom Kids Aluminum Frame Resurface Magnetic Markers

    · Zhidian Office 36x48 Inches  Large Small Wall Sticker Magnetic White Boards-Dry Erase Surface Adhesive for Kids in Classroom and List and Note/include 4 Marker Color Magnet 8 included

    These are only some of our more innovative whiteboard products. With us, you can avail the best product that matches or even exceed your standards. Each of our products is made from quality materials for its maximum efficiency. Our products have amazing features that can satisfy our customers.

    With us, you have nothing to worry about, since every piece is tested for durability. We don’t want to disappoint you; this is why we are carefully checking our products to avoid damage during the shipping process. Furthermore, we are offering our products internationally to satisfy customers all over the world.